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Our Daily Red is a California Red Wine blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Carignan grapes. We intentionally make Our Daily Red in a lighter style that pairs well with a variety of foods or occasions

The grapes for Our Daily Red are sourced from organic vineyards around California’s Central Valley, including the Lodi area. The Central Valley’s consistent dry climate, warm weather and well-drained soils are key factors in successful organic winegrowing. The climate allows the fruit to ripen earlier, reducing the risk for weather-related issues such as mildew and mold.

Loaded with blackberry and black cherry flavors, Our Daily Red is topped with a hint of toasted vanilla.

Sulfites - such as sulfur dioxide (SO2) - act as a preservative in wine. Our Daily Red is one of a few wines on the market that contains no detectable sulfites. So what does that mean anyway? Although scant amounts of sulfites occur naturally in the vineyard, it is common practice for wineries to “dust” grapes with sulfur to prevent mildew, and to add sulfites during the winemaking process so the wines will keep longer in the bottle. Sulfites are also added to prevent certain bacteria from adding unwanted flavors to the wine.

We do not add sulfites to Our Daily Red because we want a ‘pure’ wine free of preservatives.

Why we love screw caps...

Just like preservative-free food, however, no wine will keep for long without sulfites. This is why we use a screwcap closure to keep as much air out as possible. While oxygen is generally a good thing (for example, LIVING and BREATHING), it's not so good for low-to no-sulfite wine (can you say "vinegar"?). We recommend drinking Our Daily Red within a day or two of opening while the wine is at its freshest. For more on sulfites, click here.

...and boxes

Our Daily Red is also available in a handy-dandy 1.5L environmentally friendly - and convenient - box that is perfect for backyard BBQs, picnics, camping, or whatever floats your totable potable boat.

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